Avoiding employee burnout is simple with these tips

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Employee burnout is unbelievably common. Everybody experiences those days when they feel as if they can’t possibly do the same thing one more time. Thankfully, there are a number of simple ways to help combat employee burnout and stop it before it starts.

Avoiding burnout

  • Have fun – Making room for fun can alleviate some stress and help to keep employees motivated when they are on the brink of burnout.
  • Switch it up – Let employees focus on new projects or teams when they’ve been concentrating on one thing for a long time, like Facebook is doing with Hackamonth.
  • Encourage breaks – It’s fantastic to have employees that don’t want to stop working until they get things finished. Sadly, those are the people that are likely to burn out fastest. If you have employees like this, persuade them to take walks or go on a coffee run – anything to keep them from going stir crazy.

For those times when burnout can’t be prevented, there are several things you can do to help ensure that your employees don’t become fed up.

How to cope with burnout

  • Accept it – Burnout isn’t always avoidable so it’s important to be aware of the signs such as lethargy, decreased socializing or irritability.
  • Communicate – Growing businesses often experience changes that leave employees frustrated. Making sure your employees know that they can talk to you is a terrific way to stop burnout before it gets out of control.

While you might not always be able to prevent employee burnout, these tips can help ensure that it doesn’t overwhelm anyone or negatively affect your business or employees.

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