How to use Prezi

On May 4, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Staff Contributor

Prezi is a name you might have heard once or twice if you’re into presentations. It’s an online presentation tool that’s different than most and, for that reason, has plenty of admirers. What, specifically, makes Prezi so great?


Prezi is a flash-based tool, which makes it easier to create non-linear presentations. Most presentation tools require you to go slide-by-slide and don’t leave much room for creativity aside from clipart. With Prezi, your presentation is more like a thought map than anything else, which makes it flow much more naturally.

You are able to zoom in and out of that map to access different parts of the presentation, and can move between areas. This eliminates the need to have identical slides throughout the presentation. It also prevents you from having to revisit a previous slide if you need to reference it again.


Prezi presentations are built differently than most, which can make it hard to get accustomed to at first. Once you have become familiar with the program, however, it is like second nature. You can create presentations like you would a thought map, which is fantastic for those non-linear thinkers.

If you’re having difficulty adjusting to the Prezi process, you can find a number of tutorials on the Prezi website.

While Prezi is web-based, it permits you to download your presentation once it is complete. This is especially convenient for anyone who worries about the stability of his or her Internet connection during the presentation. The tool can be used for free or purchased for $59/year for additional storage and privacy.

Everybody may not be looking to move away from the linear model of PowerPoint and tools like it. If you are, however, Prezi is a great alternative.


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