Why one tech writer switched to Android

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Are you like technology writer Andy Ihnatko? The writer never imagined he would dump his iPhone. As he writes in a newly released column for the Tech Hive Web site, he obtained his first iPhone when Apple was launching its first-generation versions. And has raved about the devices in his tech writing. Yet that didn’t stop Ihnatko from switching recently to a Samsung Galaxy S III. The reason? The Android operating system that powers the phone. In Ihnatko’s opinion, this operating system has grown to be more efficient, powerful and intuitive in comparison to the system powering iPhones, iOS.

The big switch

So why did Ihnatko make the switch? For the same reason that many other former iPhone users did: He simply thinks that Android’s operating system outperforms that of the iPhone’s. Or in other words, Android phones make it easier to surf the Web, post messages on Facebook, watch movies and find directions to the newest Thai restaurant in town.

The power of Android

Ihnatko is so pleased with Android phones that he’s willing to surrender the unlimited data plan from AT&T that was included with his iPhone, a plan he obtained by becoming one of the first buyers of the first-generation iPhone. For a writer like Ihnatko, who is constantly Tweeting, checking e-mail and watching videos on his smartphone, giving up an unlimited data plan is a big deal. And it signifies a big motivation on his part to move to Android phones.

What makes it better?

So, what makes Android better, as stated by Ihnatko? First, Android phones come with better keyboards, he writes. This is very important for anyone who answers several e-mail messages and sends out several Tweets every day. Plus there is screen size. Ihnatko states that the screen on his iPhone now seems tiny in comparison to the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S III. In today’s mobile world — when we spend a lot of time watching video and accessing the Web through our smartphones, that larger screen means a lot.


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