E-mail etiquette for a busy world

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E-mail can be overwhelming. It clogs up our inboxes and slows us down. Sometimes, we pound out replies as fast as possible to clear out our inboxes, giving little thought to whatever we are actually writing. This really is ill-fated. There is a certain etiquette that we ought to follow when sending e-mails. If we forget to mind our social manners, we might end up disparaging or confusing the recipients of our e-mail missives. Here, then, is a quick look at some e-mail etiquette essentials.

Brevity might be off-putting

When a person receives an e-mail message that simply says “yes” or, worse, “no,” they may ponder whether you’re a lttle bit ticked at them. After all, that is a very short reply. When sending e-mail messages, be sure to include a little more meat to make your recipients feel better. Instead of just answering “yes,” you could start to add a, “Thanks for asking” or a “Hope you’re doing well today.” That can make a big difference. If your message is brief simply because you’re typing it on a smartphone or tablet, make a special e-mail signature that conveys to recipients that this is the reason for your brevity.

Always reply

When your inbox is clogged, it’s very easy to let some messages languish without a response. You’re simply short on time. But not answering an e-mail message from a co-worker, friend or family member is awfully rude. Even if you can’t yet address the specific question in an e-mail message, make sure you send back a quick reply explaining that you’re overwhelmed with other tasks but will get to the request as quickly as possible.

Take your time

Even the most careful of typists make some mistakes when they write e-mail messages too quickly. And no recipient wants to receive an e-mail message full of misspellings, incorrect words and typos. Slow down when crafting your message. It’s an indication of politeness to take the time to make a clear, concise message.

Keep your voice down

PR firm Ragan advises that you keep in mind your basic offline manners when composing e-mail messages. This means including those magic words within your messages, “please” and “thank you.” All too often, in the rush of writing and sending e-mails, we neglect these niceties. Ragan also warns against shouting in your e-mail messages. To those who don’t know, “shouting” means typing in all capital letters. This looks extremely annoying on the computer screen.


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