Be smart. Back up your Evernote notebooks

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Evernote is an excellent tool for saving important info. When you store notes, videos, photos and other documents in an Evernote notebook, not only is the data saved on your computer, tablet or smart phone, it’s also saved in Evernote’s servers. However, the tech site How-To Geek provides this warning: This isn’t really enough data security. Fortunately, How-To Geek also lets you know how to have more security by backing up your Evernote notebooks.

Not as secure as thought?

This means someone or something can wipe out both the data you’ve stored on your computer or other device and the version of the same data that you’ve stored on Evernote’s servers. And if that takes place? That data is gone. Fortunately, the How-To Geek Web site explains how users can back-up Evernote notebooks to provide the utmost protection to their files, photos, reports and videos.


You can add an extra layer of security to your Evernote notebooks – and the data they contain – by backing them up. There are a few ways to accomplish this – some, as How-To Geek explains, are quite complicated – but there is one simple option: You can export your Evernote notebooks.


One of the easiest ways to do this is to export your notebooks. You can do this by right-clicking on any notebook and selecting “Export Notes.” Now you can export your notebook in a variety of formats. Then, if you lose the data in a notebook, you can import the exported notebook as what How-To Geek calls a wholesale replacement for the missing notebook.


The risks of Bitcoin payments

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Should your small business accept Bitcoin payments? A newly released Entrepreneur Magazine story listed the benefits and possible risks of accepting these virtual payments. You’d do well to think about both the rewards and possible pitfalls of accepting these payments that are growing ever more popular on the web.

What are they?

Individuals purchase Bitcoins with real money. Then they start using these virtual coins to purchase goods and services from online companies. A lot of companies that deal with Bitcoins aren’t quite legal. On the other hand, many others are. Entrepreneur says that such online vendors as Etsy, WordPress and Reddit accept Bitcoins.

How safe is it?

Like all online transactions, there are certainly safety risks with accepting Bitcoins. These transactions are protected by way of a process called public key cryptography encryption. That doesn’t mean savvy criminals can’t hack these transactions. Businesses should be wary of malware that steals Bitcoins.

The benefits

As a small business owner, should you accept Bitcoins? You might need to sometime soon to do business with certain online vendors. There are several benefits, too, to this online currency. Bitcoin transactions – as of now – are not taxed. Additionally, there are no fees or charges from banks, credit cards or financial institutions associated with such transactions.


Quick: Name the most effective desktop operating system currently available. Did you say Windows 8? If not, PC World writer Brad Chacos would like to debate you. He just recently wrote that Windows 8, despite its well-publicized problems, ranks as the best desktop OS today. This goes against the trend, of course, with a long line of critics slamming Windows 8 regularly in the tech press. Is Chacos right? Is Windows 8 unfairly criticized? Examine the various positive Windows 8 features that Chacos highlights.


What’s the biggest reason for this love? Chacos suggests the massive library of software that comes with Windows 8. No other operating system provides the variety and breadth of software that comes with Windows operating systems.

Syncing Matters

As Chacos writes, Apple’s iCloud receives a lot of adoration. But Window 8′s syncing capabilities are actually better. According to PC World, you require only an online Microsoft account to sync a host of items to any Windows 8 computer. This consists of files, photos, videos, browser settings, desktop preferences and app settings. Chacos writes that no other operating system has syncing capabilities that can even hope to rival what Windows 8 offers.

The Browser

Internet Explorer doesn’t get a lot of respect. However the browser has really improved in the years since Firefox has hit the scene, Chacos says. These days, the browser is easy to navigate. It’s also quite customizable. Best of all? Internet Explorer offers plenty of protection from hackers and cyber criminals, Chacos writes. Computer-security company Symantec recently ranked Internet Explorer as one of the most secure browsers out there.