Bad ideas are usually more common then good ones. But do they all disappear? Sadly, many of them stick around for a while, so just for fun, we have created a list of three. The question is, who is buying these, if anyone?

Social Media for Your Bathroom

How else, though, to explain the continuing life of iPoo?  As the ComputerWorld story says, this is a social network that is just what you think it is. It’s intended for people who are going to the bathroom and still don’t want to disconnect from their virtual friends. People shouldn’t talk on their cell phones when they’re sitting on the toilet. They shouldn’t post messages to their online friends about what they just had for dinner, either.

Tacos Through the Air

Have you ever had the craving for fast food tacos but don’t want to leave your home? Most people have, and the TacoCopter would like to solve this predicament by delivering them to you. And exactly how would these tacos be delivered? Via helicopter drones. This is a service that will just be offered in California’s Silicon Valley but it is not up and running yet. Time will tell if this concept gets off the ground, so to speak.

A Stranger Is Only a Friend You Haven’t Met?

If you feel like your Facebook page can use more friends you can use the new service called Airtime. It collects information regarding your likes and interests and finds those who have the same interests. If you don’t like the strangers that it brings up for you, you can click the “next” button to go on to the next person. This service is just for those people lonely enough to sort through the often sketchy world of online strangers.



Antivirus software has gotten a whole lot of bad press lately. This is largely because of the fact that antivirus software has recently failed to identify and contain huge malware attacks. But is antivirus software vital for smartphones?

Antivirus Not Necessary on Smartphones?

There has also been a realization recently that individuals who do almost all of their computing via smartphone likely don’t need Antivirus software. Many people check their emails, social media accounts, and surf the web using their smartphones. If the antivirus industry doesn’t build software that is helpful to these folks, they are passing up on an invaluable market.

Smartphones vs. PCs

Smartphones are very unlike traditional laptops and PCs. As an example, each app on a smartphone is essentially a separate system, with its own working environment. The apps on smartphones do not interact and cannot access each other. This is a huge advantage where security is involved; as Malware cannot strike all of the systems at once, this makes antivirus software essentially unnecessary.

Another reason the separation of apps makes antivirus software less useful on smartphones is that current software cannot scan every app. For this reason, current antivirus software does little to fight the malware that can attack smartphones.

Smartphone Antivirus Programs

That hasn’t stopped companies from supplying antivirus apps for smartphones. For example VirusBarrier, which is an antivirus program that smartphone users can buy in Apple’s App Store. However , the program doesn’t scan anything on a smartphone since it can’t. Consumers, then, who want to scan email attachments have to send it to VirusBarrier from inside their mail program. This is not just frustrating, it’s also fairly worthless. Consumers should consider this good news. There really is no reason for them to waste their money on antivirus software for their smartphones.


Four Options for Sharing Big Files

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Have you ever attempted to send a large file only to find that it was too big for email? A lot of people have. That’s the reason we have compiled the four preferred file-sharing programs below. We hope this makes your life easier.


YouSendIt’s cloud-based online storage allows users to share everything from large pictures to videos for free. The service is known for how easy it is to use.
YouSendIt also gives users control over their massive files. For example, they can set expiration dates for these files and regulate who can and can’t access them.


DropSend operates in much the same way as YouSendIt.  DropSend, however, offers file-sharing programs in a number of option. For instance, you can choose DropSend Lite, which is free. This version permits you to send five files a month. The standard version of the program costs $5 a month, and lets you send 15 files a month. The business version – $99 a month – allows users to send an unlimited volume of files each month.


SugarSync has grown in popularity along with the rise in smartphones and tablet computers. That’s because users can create a SugarSync account that instantly saves their files on all of their devices at once – anything from their smartphones to their desktop computers to their tablets. SugarSync also allows users to provide access to these large files to specific users. It’s an easy way to allow family members or coworkers to view movies, pictures and other big files without using e-mail.


Dropbox is among the most widely known program for file sharing. It allows you to store files on all of your devices at once like SugarSync and it comes with a number of payment levels.



Technology That is on the Cutting Edge

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Every year we see a lot of new technology come out. This year the people at Inc. compiled a number of the most cutting-edge technologies that we should keep our eye on. It’s impossible to know which technologies will have the maximum impact but here are a couple of the more interesting ones that the Inc. article featured.


The problem with listening to music on the iPhone is straightforward: It doesn’t always sound good. The V-MODA VAMP hopes to improve this. This product behaves as a tiny amplifier for the iPhone 4 or 4S, adding quality and volume to the devices’ music-playing abilities. The product also serves a secondary function: it provides a back-up battery, giving your iPhone 4 a longer life.

Alice Receptionist

The Alice Receptionist is a video-based virtual receptionist that can change the way you staff your office. The Alice Receptionist uses a sensor to recognize when guests arrive to your workplace. These guests may then tap a touchscreen to contact your employees or chat with them through video or voice services. Best of all, this virtual receptionist is simple for businesses to master.

Microsoft SmartGlass

SmartGlass, created by Microsoft, enables users to change a smartphone or tablet into a high-tech, super-smart controller for your HDTV. By using gestures on your mobile device, you can manage media such as music, games and videos on your TV screen. The technology is scheduled to debut later this year, and will be designed for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows 8 tablets, according to Inc.

There is no telling if these technologies will have the expected impact. But from the quantity of media attention and press they have received the outlook is good.



Common PowerPoint Mistakes to Avoid

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I’m sure you’ve had to sit through dull PowerPoint presentations before. It seems like they go on forever and you scarcely retain any of the information. What a total waste of time right? If you agree, make your next presentation more exciting with some of the ideas below.

Don’t Forget Creativity

Just because PowerPoint is easy to use, doesn’t mean you get to be lazy. Making a good presentation still takes imagination. Try thinking of out of the box ways to catch your audiences attention, or make a certain slide unforgettable. Perhaps a quote that captures what you are talking about while that slide is up. Your audience will not remember your presentation if you use too many slides stuffed with bullet points of repetitive information.

Come to your sales pitch or company meeting armed with interesting and useful information. Don’t just slap some sales numbers on a series of slides. Alternatively, describe what these numbers mean.

Come with Solutions

Another way to make your PowerPoint presentation as useful as you possibly can is to come with solutions or ideas for improvement. The purpose of your meeting was most likely not to only inform your audience but also to get them thinking in a specific direction. You can jump start their creative thinking by throwing a few ideas out there. This way they will know what direction you would like to go and what you are thinking.

If your PowerPoint presentation shows that sales are down, be sure you follow up with your own belief on why sales have fallen and what the company can do to boost them. If sales are up? Provide information on how your company can preserve its momentum.

Don’t Get Too Fancy

We said to get creative but that doesn’t mean you should use all the gimmicks that PowerPoint offers. Many managers toss in needless or distracting images in an attempt to grab attention. Any unimportant images will only serve as a disruption. Then they will only remember the cute jumping dog in the corner of the slide instead of the information you were offering. A common mistake you will want to avoid as well, is reading the slides verbatim. Your audience does not want to read along with you. Instead, leave the slide up long enough for them to read the three bullets while verbally expanding on the single most important one. This way you can save your breath and avoid exhausting your audience’s attention span with redundancy.



You Could be at Risk if You Lose Your Smartphone

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Smartphones are important tools today, but what happens if you lose your phone?

The security risk of lost smartphones

Researchers at Symantec found that 96 percent of people that find a lost smartphone attempted to access personal or business data stored on the device. The research also learned that 45 percent of individuals who found a lost smartphone made an effort to access the corporate e-mail client on the device. This really is scary news. After all, smartphones are designed to be tiny. It is easy to misplace them.

Human nature and smartphone tech

The Symantec study is undoubtedly an intriguing one since it says a whole lot about human nature. Symantec intentionally left 50 smartphones in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Ottawa. Each phone was full of fake files and apps that contained no information but were labeled with enticing names such as “online banking,” “social media,” and “saved passwords.”

The outcome was that 72 percent of people that found the phones, at the very least, accessed the photos. That number can be chalked up to the curious nature of humanity, but when you realize that 43 percent of people tried to open the “online banking” files things get a lot more concerning.

Protecting your smartphone

Fortunately there are some steps people could take to protect themselves if and when they lose their smartphones.

The easiest way to safeguard the data on your smartphone is always to set up a secure password. It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t password protect their phones. There are many apps that securely lock specific apps or files. A less obvious choice is to subscribe to a service that allows you to remotely wipe your smartphones memory. No matter which method you employ, it’s crucial that you take some method of securing your smartphone in case of loss or theft.


Procrastinate with Facebook like a Pro

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We can all admit to spending too much time on Facebook. This is even more evident when you have work to do. Reading that business report or putting the final touches on that important presentation seems to take a backseat to Facebook. As a matter of fact, it’s often when there’s important work to do that it feels like we want to see what Facebook friends are up to, or want to post about that vacation. This might be inevitable, but here’s how you can make your Facebook experience more efficient.

Filtering Friends

Have some Facebook friends that consistently clutter up your news feed? If it’s not about what they’re eating that day, then it’s about all of the articles that they’ve read – or maybe even their opinion on their favorite reality show. Without de-friending this individual, there’s a method in which you can clean out the clutter.

There is a function in Facebook that will allow you to unsubscribe from this friends updates. You are able to do this straight from your news feed – all it requires is that you hover over that friend’s update with the cursor, click the down arrow that appears in the upper-right hand corner of the update, and then select the option to “unsubscribe from status updates.”

Extending Messages, not Friendships

Another little known tip is that you can send messages to individuals who aren’t Facebook friends – not surprisingly, this requires that their settings allow this. To accomplish this, all you need to do is navigate to their Facebook profile page, then click the “Message” button that’ll be located on the upper-right corner of their page.

Also, did you know that you can connect Facebook Chat to other services? It’s true. If you are a Hotmail user, you can link your Windows Live profile to Facebook. This lets you chat with online friends straight from your mail window. You can do the same with instant message services such as Yahoo messenger. Simply search Facebook for information on how you can connect your chat programs to the service.